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I love the Lord. This was my first time showing all that on cam. Still it is upsetting. I showed my breasts, backside, and face. I know God can do anything. Her choice flashing her breasts, her choice doing drugs that she knew the results were, her choice hooking up with a guy who had a girlfriend, and amanda todd chatroulette of it was entirely justifiable.

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She had to do it and she did it. Am pretty sure the poor person didn't wake up in the morning, get dressed, look in the mirror and say, 'you know I haven't been bullied or stalked enough recently When his girlfriend later found out that he had cheated on her with Amanda, he blamed Amanda for everything and she, along with her friends, assaulted Amanda at her new school, which lead to Amanda contemplating suicide.

You can follow her on twitter Alinecarrara7. I really must put a change to that if I plan to drink bleach and end my life on the weekend!

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I should have never done this. In reality they struggle through life and sometimes come out the other end and sometimes simply don't. Somebody please let me know it will be okay. I believe that the Lord has forgiven me, but I cannot forgive myself.

Im in school and always get warned about the internet at least twice a year since I was 12 Im 15 now and Im in South Africa. I saw the video and articles of Amanda Todd. Life still remained hard to Amanda at her new school because by now she knew what to expect of her life.

I think the shock from being popular to being a loser can hurt your psyche pretty badly. Remove all possible methods of suicide, internet, and harm from her life D: All in all I think that it was everyones fault, the school, her friends the cyber bullies and herself, she was the victim of this event and thats why people feel bad about Update 3: I suddenly saw myself nude like a video replaying on his screen.

I wont feel bad for her, it was her fault, she was not pressured and knew the consequences. I don't want that!


I dont mean to be mean but is this somewhat true? Watch her 20 hours and sleep for 4 C: Now imagine you're in front of the media. Now I dunno what happened to Amanda Todd. Alan Turing, one of the people majorly responsible for the machine you're furiously smacking the key board of, killed himself.Discover the most awesome amanda todd images.

Awesome #amanda todd ImagesFounded Location: Yerevan, Armenia. Mar 30,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Nov 25,  · I was recorded on Omegle. Discussion in 'Trauma, PTSD & Dissociation' started by jessisback77, Do you know the story of Amanda Todd? If you don't I suggest you to google her for details.

At the beginning of this past last summer I became addicted to those video chat sites (chatroulette/omegle). Spending many. YouTube Video Attraction and the Death of Amanda Todd; YouTube Video Attraction and the Death of Amanda Todd The Suicide of a 13 Year Old Girl due to YouTube, Fame and Webcam Chatting with Starangers.

she went on a website very similar to ChatRoulette and started chatting with strangers. Sep 19,  · Your Account Isn't Verified! In order to create a playlist on Sporcle, you need to verify the email address you used during registration.

Go to your Sporcle Settings to finish the process. Thanks a lot Amanda Todd, for scaring girls on Chatroulette to not show their tits anymore.

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Amanda todd chatroulette
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